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Slightly Blemished Product FAQs

Q: What is a 'Slightly Blemished' product?

A: In keeping with the Gaines Manufacturing reputation for quality, not all mailboxes, address plaques, and/or accessories pass our Grade A quality inspection. Occasionally, some of our products exhibit irregularities or 'blemishes' that develop during the manufacturing process. Most of these 'blemishes' are very minor and do not at all effect functionality.

Q: Are the blemishes on the 'Slightly Blemished' items extremely noticeable and unsightly?

A: No, not generally. Our quality inspectors review each item with a trained eye and therefore notice items that do not pass grade. However, the general public in most cases are not typically able to determine a Grade A item from a slightly blemished model.

Q: What are some examples of the blemishes?

A: Examples include paint irregularities, slight casting imperfections, texture anomalies, and occasionally retouched 'dent-and-scratch' items.  Click here to view a photo sample.

Q: Do you provide a Warranty on 'Slightly Blemished' products?

A: Yes. Since the blemishes do not involve the functionality of the product, 'Slightly Blemished' products come with the same original warranty as do our Grade A items.

Q: I live locally and would like to select the "nicest" blemished item among those that might be available. Is that possible?

A: As much as we enjoy seeing customers, in order to continue to offer lower prices on these items we are not able to 'pick-and-choose' among 'Slightly Blemished' products. They are however, available for local customer pick-up after order has been placed.